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HOTQA's secure, professional web-based Quiz maker is an easy-to-use, customizable online testing solution for business, training & educational assessment with Tests & Quizzes graded instantly saving you hours of paperwork!

Why online exam builder?

Create, print and publish your tests online! HOTQA makes it easy for you to perfectly format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web for online tests. Online tests are automatically graded!


Create a test with your entire question bank. Each test taker will have a random set of questions


 Support audio, video, image questions. Support many type of answers: record voice, self-inputed 


Can config input fields in Signup form or can customize result screens. 


Set up Notifications & API & Webhooks to notify and auto send test results to your own system.

HOTQA is suitable for for various needs

Who use HOTQA

How it work

1. Use clear and concise questions for easy understanding

2. Add a description under the question to add more context

3. Make it fun – add GIFS, videos or images to keep people entertained

4. Show the correct answers using clever logic features

5. Organize your results in a flash with our native Google Sheets

6. Integration, or connect to your favorite apps like Mailchimp, Slack, Telegram, Zalo channels

Advance features

2. Automatic result & grading

Automatic scoring and grading of the test allowed business customers to focus on other important tasks.

Detailed statistics and insightful test results helped user see respondents' knowledge and abilities instantly. 

1. The result analysis has never been easier

Test conducted via HoTQA gives reliable results. The exam is fair to everyone. The marking process is automatic with time limited.

3. Reliability and Accuracy
4. Security and Availability

All of the data sent to the system is encrypted and no one else is authorized to use it. Also, data could be accessed anytime by authorized users




Clients and more


Question banks


Online Examinees
Interactive Learning Platform

Use HotQA for online placement tests. The test users and test users are sync seamlessly to our system !

4.0 Telesales Platform for Enterprise

We use HOTQA as white-label exams maker for our enterprise clients ! Perfect system.


More than 130 English centers

We are pleased using your service. Very smart and interactives. 



Public test only
Limited tests (up to 5)
Limited users (up to 100)

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Public & Private tests
Unlimited Tests
Unlimited Users
White-label logo & branding



Public & Private tests
Unlimited Tests
Unlimited Users
White-label logo & branding
Custom results, dashboards


Can i brand my test ?

Yes, you can add your own logos and colors to your tests and remove HOTQA branding.
You can also embed your tests directly into your own website.
Use Themes to apply organization branding to your test pages. Upload a logo then select appropriate colours (all HOTQA branding will be removed).
Note: This is valid for all tests assigned via Link (for non-registered users).

Can i save the test results and see it any time ?

Yes, HOTQA will save test results for you to review and export. Simply go the Results section to view and export results as required.
You can also view test results in real time. Answers are saved as each user proceeds to the next page. You can view "in progress" results on your Recent results page (simply use the filters to find tests which are "in progress")

You have multiple options to Assign (distribute) your test(s):
Groups (Test Registered users)
Once you've created a Group you can register users to it. Registered users will log in via the website where they can access the tests you have assigned to their group.
Links (Test Non-registered users)
Create a direct link for each of your tests to send out via email or embed in your website. Public and private options are available.
Please review the 'Assign' section of FAQ/Help for more information.

How do i give access to my test ?

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